Are you moving into a new house and you want to have a checklist of things you should do before you move into your home. Then read!

You might want to change your locks

There are varieties of locks you can go for depending on what your budget is for this. The purpose of changing the locks is for security purpose you don’t want to find out someone else has the keys to your home. So, the first thing to do before moving your things is to change all the locks on the doors that lead into the new house.

Clean and fumigate the house

Cleaning and fumigating of the house are very important, regardless of whether the floor of the house is rugged, carpeted or tiled, you should dedicate time to clean and fumigate the whole house thoroughly i.e. rooms, walls, floors, storage spaces etc.

Note- if the house is newly constructed, you might not have to clean as much as you would if the house was previously occupied by someone else. And it’s easier to clean the whole house before moving in because of furniture.

The fact that your home looks clean does not mean it is devoid of insects and rodents that can transform your house into a living nightmare for you. There are some professionals on cleaning and fumigating that can help with this.

The water valve

It’s important to find out where the main water valve is because plumbing emergencies never give notifications before it occurs, especially when water supply, it needs to be turned off. Your water valve could be inside or outside your home, but they are predominantly outside the apartment. When you have turned it off, you should test it by going back into the house to turn on the taps.


Painting of ceiling and walls are very important too as it brings out the beauty of the house. It is better to paint your house before moving in to avoid getting stains on your furniture and personal items.

Checklist for moving in.

– Estimate how many packing supplies you’ll need, and assign a room where you can begin to store and organize your items.

– Research your new community and schools so you know as much as possible before you move.

– Make proper logistics arrangement to ensure ease of transporting your items. Take note of your expensive items so you can insure them for your move.

– If you are being transferred by work, understand your company’s moving policy.

– Use up, sell, recycle or donate anything you don’t want to move

– Make a moving folder or booklet which should include an inventory of your household items with a video or photos.

Communicate new address

Communicate new address to family, your bank, place of work and other important third parties.