Just Because He’s Holding A Plunger Doesn’t Guarantee Expertise.

Facility management has recently not only emerged as a service sector, has also helped to establish a new professional discipline with its own codes, standards and technical vocabulary. Management embraces much more than the operational concerns of plumbing and lighting and even more than the provision and maintenance of productive and comfortable environment. The scope is very broad and ranges from the very practical concerns of building repairs to the more abstract concerns of the strategic facility planning.

It is also generally regarded as having ongoing responsibilities for delivery of services in support of an organisations core values.

A lot of people particularly in Nigeria presently think they don’t need a facilities management team in their organisations to enhance the quality delivery of the core functionality. They would rather have a reactive approach instead of a proactive one.

Reasons why organisations or individuals handle their facilities at times makes me wonder if they don’t have the knowledge of how facility management can be of utmost help to delivering their daily targets. Facility management as gone far more than the thought of every individual, it is supposed to be a part of the business.

I remember meeting with a particular client, when I decided to visit the rest room. To my greatest surprise the whole place was messy and very unkempt, I came out feeling very uneasy, and there I stood wondering if this was actually a restroom or a swimming pool. I had to ask my client about the state of the restroom as expected he gave the number one excuse ‘they are working on it’.

Another visit to a prospective clients office trying to convince him about the need to have a competent facility management team, he emphasized on the fact of having a good management on ground, days went by, weeks rolled in and behold I got an urgent call from this same client asking us to please come to his aid, as his proclaimed competent team blew up the circuit breaker, and this would in return cost him a lot.

It is very important for organisations to think of the negative effect of them sticking to unskilled personnel all in the name of cutting cost while managing facilities. The need for premium can never be over emphasized.

The need for a facility management team is vital and very important to make your business run smoothly without distractions. Remember just because his holding a plunger and doesn’t make him a qualified plumber.