The current generation (millennials) are very active and well educated especially with the use of technological devices. They are energetic and are moving at a faster pace than the previous generation. Most of them in this group already desire to own their first home.

There are several websites that tend to give insight on real estate but that is not enough.

These five tips would guide you on how to buy a home at a young age.

1. Prepare yourself and be committed

Buying a home could be one of the largest decisions you will make as an individual. This is because you have to be committed. Buying a home requires physical and mental energy. You would have to prepare your mind on taking on the task and in some cases physically, because of works such as repairing broken pipes, roofs and other repairs that may need to be done

2. What is your finance like?

Preparing to buy a home involves considering your finances. From your current salary, to your bills and debts, to your savings and money that can be gotten from family members. These factors will also be considered by financial institutions when trying to acquire a loan to fund the purchase. Examine how much money is going out, being received, allocated to the purchase, loan repayments and how much will be left for your upkeep.

Also note that other costs accompany the purchase of a home e.g. property taxes, land use bills and maintenance of the building.

When you are considering your finances and budget, also consider the fact that home-ownership fees don’t end with the monthly mortgage payment. Home owners are responsible for insurance, utility bills and unexpected home repairs.

3. Consider your savings.

It is important to consider how much you have in your savings. You will need to have money in hand to cover upfront fees like your down payment and closing costs.

4. Find a source of funding

Buying a home is largely a financial process, so the purchase process may take time. After considering your bank statements, bills, salary and other factors, it is important to review several lending institutions before you settle for the one that suits you. Lenders consider various factors ranging from the interest rate to the terms and conditions that apply regarding a home loan.

5. Work with an agent you trust

This is most important because professional guidance would be needed. These professional real estate agents have the training and experience needed to guide first time home buyers to a suitable home. They will listen to the vision you have for the home and help you search for what you desire. They will help in searching for the home and help with the negotiation process.

If you feel you are ready to join the league of home owners, contact us at Black Onyx Properties Limited, we will be glad to help.